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Meet the Veterinary Staff of Park County Animal Hospital

Jeremy Ickes, DVM | Veterinarian/Owner

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Dr. Ickes graduated from the Virginia - Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (Virginia Tech) in 2010 and purchased Park County Animal Hospital in 2012. His special interest and training in veterinary surgery, internal medicine, and emergency medicine have provided a high level of quality for the pets of South Park. Having always been fascinated by science and medicine and passionate about dogs, Dr. Ickes entered veterinary medicine so he could combine the two in order to provide the same level of care and attention for area pets that he would want for his own pets.

Dr. Ickes, his wife Kristen, and the rest of their family, 2 golden retrievers, Willin and Jackson; a chocolate Lab, Ellie; and two cats, Cheddar and Joey, all enjoy being part of the Fairplay community. In their spare time they enjoy skiing, hiking, camping, and many other activities that abound in the high country! Most importantly, he welcomes client suggestions and ideas for any new services or improvements on existing services. Please share your ideas!

Diana Boon, DVM | Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Diana Boon

Dr. Diana Boon joined Park County Animal Hospital in June 2020. Dr. Boon has lived all over the country including in Illinois, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado. She loves the Colorado mountain rivers, the change of seasons, and all of the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. She is excited to return to the mountains of Colorado and reconnect with her many friends.

Dr. Boon went into Veterinary Medicine after meeting several veterinarians who were amazing mentors. She also had a multitude of family cats growing up who taught her about unconditional love. In fact, her Siamese Manx cat, Bug, adopted her Mom after she lost her cat. Bug and Dr. Boon’s Mom have a special bond which brings them each a sense of peace and belonging, and as such, Bug now lives with her Mom.

Dr. Boon graduated from NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001 with the goal of giving back to animals with a focus on keeping them healthy and comfortable. Dr. Boon has a strong interest in pain management and balanced anesthesia, animal well-being and preventative care, feline medicine, and teaching. She has worked as a Veterinarian at a small animal clinic in Texas followed by work in specialty animal clinics. Most recently, Dr. Boon has been working as a relief Veterinarian across the country, helping with medical management of sick animals in a variety of animal hospitals. She loves working in Veterinary Medicine as it allows her the opportunity to learn something new every day, whether it be about the human animal bond in every family, what animals can teach us about themselves, or how to create positive well-being in our relationships.

When Dr. Boon is not working, she enjoys being outside, cooking for friends, travel, sustainable living, learning, and staying active. Dr. Boon has worked with numerous different animals during her career and always has a fun animal story to share.

Jen Swisher, CVT | Certified Veterinary Technician

Jen Swisher

Jen earned her veterinary technician degree through Vermont Technical College in 1999 and has been with Park County Animal Hospital since 2004. Originally from Maine, Jen moved to Colorado in 1999 for the Summit County skiing and relocated to Fairplay in 2004, where she lives with her husband, daughter, cat Dexter, who was rescued locally with the help of the Good Samaritan Fund, and cat Stella, who was rescued from Animal Rescue of the Rockies Cat Casita in Fairplay! She enjoys the variety of opportunities to learn new things while working in veterinary medicine and being able to help patients and their families in this great mountain community. When not working, she enjoys dirt biking, snowmobiling, rafting, camping, and the skiing that originally brought her to Colorado.

Kim Cory | Veterinary Assistant

Kim Corey

Kim has been with Park County Veterinary Hospital since 2005 and previously worked for newspapers in the field of graphic design. She enjoys providing comfort to our patients and calming their fears. Her love of animals brought her to working in veterinary medicine and her commitment to making pets and their families feel as comfortable as possible in every situation makes her a highly valued member of our team.

Kate MacLaurin | Veterinary Assistant

Kate MacLaurin

Kate moved to Colorado in 2012 following a 6 month backpacking trip in South America and some time spent in Canada. She is a geologist by training and has tried her hand at managing a gas station and banking, but currently is focusing on her love of animals. You may see Kate around town as she also works at High Paw Pet Supplies and the Fairplay Therapy Center.

She has 4 cats and 2 dogs, as well as 5 horses in her pasture. Lizzie and Petey, her dogs, stay busy “herding” the horses around the yard while her cats, Arnie, Honey, NalaLena, and Cinders, spend their days napping and terrorizing the dogs. Monkey, Leo, Baron, Willow and Bindi, the 5 horses, lead a calm life of grazing and napping. Kate has always been drawn to the “underdogs” of the animal world and loves nothing more than to spend every moment of every day caring for them. Most of Kate’s pets have had hardships in their life and she has been taking in unwanted horses since she was 16 years old.

When Kate is not busy working or spending time with her animals, she enjoys catching up on sleep and focusing on an Animal Sanctuary she has started called Bandito’s Hideout Animal Sanctuary. She is also a board member of The Middle Way, which is a nonprofit organization that focuses on using horses to heal humans through riding and enjoys riding horses herself.

Kate grew up in a small town in Wisconsin which is similar to Fairplay. She loves the feel of a town where everyone supports each other and experienced this first hand in Fairplay when the community united to help her find her dog, Lizzie, when she ran off. Kate joined our staff in December of 2018 and is so excited to have the pleasure of working with all of the town’s animals.

Heather Halt, CVT | Veterinary Technician

Heather Halt

Heather earned her associate’s degree from Bel-Rea Institute and has lived in Fairplay since 2004, having moved here from Las Vegas. Her love for animals and especially for dogs drew her into veterinary medicine, and she continues to enjoy the interaction with clients and patients as well as receiving dog kisses! Heather and her two children have a two-year-old beagle/boxer mix, Leah.

Natalie Anderson, CVT | Veterinary Technician

Natalie Anderson

Natalie joined our PCAH team in May 2020 but has lived in Park County since 2000. She loves the Colorado scenery and wildlife. She graduated from Colorado Mountain College in 2012 with an AAS in Veterinary Technology and is a Board Certified Veterinary Technician. She has worked as a Veterinary Technician for 6 years and loves every aspect of the job as her true passion is helping animals. However, the most rewarding part of the job for her is performing dental cleanings as it benefits the patients so greatly.

Natalie lives with her boyfriend, Billie in Hartsel, CO. They have 4 dogs, Remington (Remi), Sonni, Marley, and Audrey, 1 cat, Spirit, 1 rabbit, Kozi, 1 horse, Lotus, 1 goat, Billy, and 5 chickens! When Natalie is not working, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, riding horses, and attending live music. Natalie is pictured here with Remi on Boreas Pass.

Megan Watkins | Receptionist

Megan Watkins

Meg moved from Summit County to Park County in 2000 with her husband, Jim. They share a love of the outdoors, adventure, and travel. Meg initially pursued her love of animals as a volunteer for the Ark-Valley Humane Society. She started by walking dogs, but then became a member of the staff there, working to assist in the daily care of dogs and cats, as an adoption counselor, and as a front office receptionist. To this day, she is still an adoption ambassador and volunteer there.

We were lucky enough to have Meg start working at PCAH in late 2015. 2015 was a big year for Meg as that is also when Shilo, a special needs foster dog, officially became a member of her family!

When not at work, Meg and Jim love to hike, climb, bike, and telemark and cross country ski. And when time allows, they take vacations that allow them to trek, mountaineer, and scuba dive.

Kat Johnson | Receptionist

Kat Johnson

Kat joined our PCAH team in August of 2020. Kat and her husband, Dan, are both Colorado natives. They moved to the mountains in 2013 and have lived in Park County for 4 years with their children Kai and Tristan. They are animal lovers for sure and currently have 4 dogs, Moose, Lacy, Ali, and Ember, and 3 cats, Thor, Freyja, and Loki. Several of their dogs are rescues and two of their cats were adopted locally at the Cat Casita! Kat has always loved animals and previously worked as a Veterinary Assistant. Her passion is working in the Veterinary world and she is happy to return to an environment that she truly enjoys. When Kat is not working she enjoys hiking, traveling, dirt biking, snowboarding, spending time with friends, and drawing. She hopes to one day have a dog rescue that specializes in the care of abandoned geriatric dogs.

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