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Full-Service Veterinary Care for the Pets of South Park CO

veterinary services

Park County Animal Hospital is pleased to offer services to the pets of the greater South Park area. Understanding that the outdoor activities common to our area offer a full and active life for pets and that they also offer a greater opportunity for injury and illness, we have designed our hospital to provide both general and critical care for dogs and cats.

Veterinary services available at our hospital include:

  • Pet wellness care—Prevention of illness and maintaining excellent health is much easier and less costly than addressing problems once they arise. From vaccinations to preventing parasites and promoting excellent nutrition, wellness care increases the length and quality of a pet’s life.
  • Pet dental care—Good oral health in pets not only protects the pet’s teeth from decay, but it also protects the pet from infections that can spread throughout the pet’s body.
  • Veterinary diagnostics—Whether a pet is ill or injured, accurate and fast diagnosis can make all the difference in the pet’s response to treatment. Our in-house lab and our advanced diagnostic medical equipment ensure our veterinarian can quickly evaluate and treat your pet.
  • Emergency pet care—During our normal business hours, Park County Animal Hospital is equipped to handle all manner of pet emergencies. Dr. Ickes is also available for limited evening and weekend emergency consultations.
  • In-house veterinary pharmacy—From flea and tick prevention products to every kind of prescription medication your pet could need, our in-house pharmacy is fully stocked and competitively priced for your and your pet’s benefit.
  • Pet pain management—Whether your pet is dealing with arthritic joints or is recovering from injury, surgery, or illness, we are committed to maintaining his or her comfort and quality of life.
  • Veterinary surgery—Park County Animal Hospital is equipped to conduct both routine and emergency pet surgeries. Our veterinarian has advanced training in many of the latest surgical advances in veterinary medicine including TPLO surgery for the repair of torn or damaged cruciate ligaments in dogs.
  • Boarding services—Our secure and comfortable boarding facility provides a safe home-away-from-home for your dog or cat.

If you have any additional questions about the services Park County Animal Hospital provides, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

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