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Preventing Pet Disease &
Promoting Health

pet wellness care

As is true with most human health issues, preventing conditions in pets is much easier and more cost effective than trying to treat a situation once it occurs. Whether you have a young puppy or kitten, a senior pet, or a healthy adult pet, Park County Animal Hospital encourages all pet owners to provide preventive health care for their pets.

Annual Pet Exams

Pets tend to hide illness and injury as a defense against attracting the attention of predators. This makes it hard for pet owners to recognize when a pet is not at his or her best. Annual physical examinations allow our veterinarian to check for subtle changes in health and head off small problems well before they become unmanageable.

As part of your pet’s yearly checkup, we recommend blood work to check the pet’s internal organ functioning. In addition to checking to ensure all measures fall within the normal range of results, we compare one year’s tests to the next to watch for any small changes that, while they may still fall in the normal range, may not be consistent with that pet’s normal range.

Pet Vaccinations

Every pet needs vaccinations, but not all pets need the same vaccinations. Our veterinarian and staff will work with you to evaluate your pet’s unique risk factors according to his or her species, breed, age, and activities. We will customize a vaccination plan to ensure that your pet is protected from the diseases for which he or she is at risk.

Because of our location and the likelihood that pets will encounter wildlife, we recommend most dogs be protected from parvovirus and leptospirosis. Rabies incidence has been on the rise as well both for dogs and cats, so Park County Animal Hospital encourages all pet owners to ensure their pets remain current on vaccinations.

Pet Parasite Prevention

Park County Animal Hospital recommends that every pet be tested for mosquito and tick-borne illnesses once a year. Our seasonal climate makes preventive measures less strenuous than other parts of the country, but if pets will be traveling, be sure to speak with our staff about appropriate protection for your pets.

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